TALOS 200 / 100.

The Reliable Workhorse.

Designed and built for hard work, TALOS offers a wide range of operational uses in compact form. It can be used for tillage and harvesting all year round. It can be used anywhere – by any driver.

TALOS 100. Technology - For everyday use.

Quick to Speed Up.

Thanks to the optimised stepped gear transmission, the TALOS 100 reaches its full maximum speed of 30km/h in only a short time. Its ideal weight distribution ensures stability and driving comfort even on longer journeys.

Agile on headlands.

Compact and nimble, the TALOS 100 proves its true strength on headlands and in confined spaces. The hydraulic output of 36 l/min for the rear linkage and two spool valves enables swift turns on headlands. The working position is stored via the intelligent mechanical rear linkage control and can be called up at the push of a button.

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Km 2.5 De do
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