TALOS 200 / 100.

TALOS. Outstanding reliability.

Designed and built for hard work, the TALOS offers enormous versatility in a compact format. It can be used all year round, from tillage to harvest, and is suitable for any site – or any driver.

TALOS 100. For everyday use.

  1. Nippy 4-cylinder LSC engines (turbocharged in TALOS 130)
  2. Economical Tier 3 engines
  3. 16/16 transmission with synchronised, mechanical reverser
  4. Specially sealed drives, approved for use in wet rice paddies
  5. Turning radius from 3.40 m
  1. 2-pump hydraulic circuit: 19 l/min output for steering, 36 l/min output for rear linkage and spool valves
  2. Two double-acting spool valves with four connectors
  3. CLAAS front loaders available
  4. Electrohydraulic PTO engagement
  5. Platform or air-conditioned cab

Gets up to speed quickly.

Thanks to the optimised transmission increments, the TALOS 100 reaches its top speed of 30 km/h very quickly. Its ideal weight distribution ensures stability and driving comfort even on longer journeys.

Agile on headlands.

Compact and nimble, the TALOS 100 proves its true strength on headlands and in confined spaces. The hydraulic output of 36 l/min for the rear linkage and two spool valves enables swift turning manoeuvres. The working position is stored via the intelligent mechanical rear linkage control system and can be called up at the push of a button.

Maintenance and access.

The one-piece bonnet provides quick and convenient access to all servicing and maintenance points. Easy access to the engine air filter and radiator means that they can be cleaned quickly whenever necessary.

TALOS 200 / 100

Right PTO speed for every job.

The TALOS 100 can power any implement thanks to the standard-fit 540/540 ECO/1,000 PTO.


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000-000-0 1 Cuadra al Sur (Managua)